Sunday, April 27, 2014


Wisconsin citizens, organizing under the Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars, are joining other activists nationwide in Spring Days of Drone Action.  Actions, vigils, protests, lobbying, and educational efforts are taking place across the country to call attention to the illegal and immoral killer drone assassination program in which our government is engaged.
Wisconsinites have braved all sorts of weather to
 stand up against the injustice happening at Volk Field.
On Tuesday April 22, 2014 twelve Wisconsin residents converged at Volk Field, an Air National Guard base near Camp Douglas, WI where we have been vigiling monthly since December 2011. 

Volk Field plays an important role in the killer drone program by training pilots to fly the Shadow Drone used for surveillance and target acquisition.  The illegal drone program in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and other places around the world continues to terrorize and kill thousands of innocent people.  
While those demonstrating
 were blocked from entry by a fence...
Soaring kites made their presence known
 to all within the base's boundaries

As we stood at the gate to the base, we read a criminal complaint against President Obama, Volk Field Commander Colonel Dave Romuald, and others at the base who are involved in the training of drone pilots.  Everyone present then signed the complaint.  We will be gathering more signatures on the complaint and then it will be brought to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Madison, WI and we will call for an investigation into war crimes taking place on the base.
"Do Not Follow Illegal Orders." The
 responsibility for drone terror lies
 with all those who make it possible,
 including us, if we stand by and
let it happen.
Other events in Wisconsin during Spring Days of Action against Drones include:
·         April 29 – All day – Lobby day against drones – Contacting members of Congress.
·         May 8 – 7:00 pm-9:30 pm – The Fountain, 122 State St., Screening of the film Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars followed by discussion.
·         May 17 – Protesting at Volk Field Open House.
·         April 28May 5May 9, May 19, and May 23 – Trials for five grandmothers who were arrested for peacefully attempting to deliver a letter to the commander of Volk Field in April 2013.  Trials will take place at Juneau County Courthouse in Mauston, WI.
·         Date to be determined – Delivery of criminal complaint against Obama and personnel at Volk Field who are engaged in drone program to US Attorney’s office in Madison.

For information on what is happening in Wisconsin, contact Joy at or Bonnie at

The Spring Days of Drone
 Action continue nationwide!


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