Sunday, July 29, 2012

Welcome to Oshkosh! (got drones?)

David Soumis and Lars Prip from No Drones Wisconsin greeted visitors to the largest airshow in the country -- EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin* -- on Saturday, July 28, with the 1/5-size replica of a Reaper drone (which the recently obtained from Know Drones) and signs that said "Flight Emergency: A Drone Impacting Your Aircraft," "Fly Safe in U.S. Airspace: NO DRONES," and "No Drone Eyes in Our Skies."

"Overall, a great success," said David Soumis. "We had a lot of people riding by in cars, buses, trucks, and golf carts. A lot of thumbs up, a few one finger salutes, a lot of questioning glares, and tons of people that could only see the hood of their car."

"A few people stopped by to talk to us, and one guy had his grandson deliver some pecan pie to us...very cool."

"I think the best one of the day, after standing in the hot sun for about 7 hours, with at least 40 EAA security guys going by us, probably at least a dozen or more sheriffs and city police, a guy yelled to us, 'HEY!! Are you protesting on private property?' I yelled back, 'NO !!! we're protesting on public property! Since 9 this morning!' And he says, 'Well good for you ....' mumbling and walking away!"

Be sure to get in touch with David Soumis ( davidso1 [at] ) about participating at upcoming No Drones Wisconsin demonstrations -- at the Saturday, August 4, Farmers Market in Madison, and at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee on Saturday, August 11!

*For more on the Oshkosh airshow, see WIRED magazine, "Inside the World’s Busiest Air Traffic Control Tower," from which the image below was taken.

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  1. So are you folks against hobbyists flying quadcopters in their own backyards or public parks like the DJI Phantom 2 or just war use by US Military? Not sure I understand. Thanks.