Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Drones Wisconsin needs your help

No Drones Wisconsin:  A WNPJ member organization,  needs your help.


We have made great strides this past year in our educational outreach in the Madison area and around the state, in our quest to stop the use of killer drones.

  Our work nearly every Saturday at the Madison Farmers Market has been tremendous, where we have spoken to thousands about the use of UAVs/drones by the CIA and military, and ramped up our message on the use of surveillance drones by DHS, FBI, and local police departments.

One of the highlights was our invitation to speak at Edgewood High School in September to a group of 150 junior and senior high school students. That was a very good event and our message was well received by the students. In addition, we have shared our message at Many Ways of Peace in Eagle River, and Fellowship of Reconciliation in Janesville, plus a number of other speaking engagements, and appearances.

In order to continue our work, to keep up with developments, and help create a strong resistance to the use of drones and robotic weapons, in our quest to abolish war and  seek peace,  we would like to attend the next drone summit in Washington DC on November 16, 17. In order to get there and attend, we need funding for transportation, lodging, and meals.  If any donations exist after the trip, they will be used for literature and other expenses
You can donate using the link below. All funds are handled by the PC Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin, based 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit Organization addressing social justice needs of individuals, families and communities through the following:
  • Provide fiscal sponsorship and other types of organizational support to individuals and groups.
  • Provide financial support (grants) to individuals and groups.

    A portion of your donation will be used by the PC Foundation in assisting other groups in the area, in addition to helping No Drones Wisconsin.
Thank you very much. NO DRONES. PEACE

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