Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Days of Action Against Drones at Volk Field

Activists from Veterans for Peace and other local organizations came out to Volk Field on Tuesday to demonstrate the facility's use for training and staging of Shadow drones. Part of the April Days of Action Against Drones, this demonstration was one in a tradition of monthly vigils in front of the air force base.
Veterans for Peace, a constant presence at anti-drone
 demonstrations around the country.
"WAR=DEBT" encapsulates the tradeoff
 implicit in channeling billions in taxpayer
 money to support a perpetual "war
on terror."
Shows the fundamental illegality of extrajudicial killing of
 civilians, regardless of the veneer of legitimacy lent it by
 the Obama administration.
A strong showing of activists braved the cold to make
 their voices heard at Volk Field!
 Learn about other events that have been taking place around the country this month as part of April Days of Action Against Drones, and how to get involved in demonstrations to come.

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